Berlin Collection

Props to inspire you to dream then photograph | Discover our Berlin Collection.

To create delightful setup for your newborn photograph you need to select props that have the same tonal range but different textures.

We have compiled a collection of our beautiful props in shades of brown for your amazing captures.

Purchase coordinating items in the most convenient way.

Gavin Romper SetBerlin Posing FabricGavin Romper SetMini BunnyScarf for Mini BunnyMini BunnyAriana TiebackSonny BonnetSonny Bonnet

Berlin Posing FabricBerlin Posing FabricSonny BonnetSonny BonnetDemetri Pixie HatWyatt WrapDemetri Pixie HatWyatt Wrap

Alexis 'Create-a-Nest'Ava Romper SetAva Romper SetMini BunnyMini BunnyBow for Mini BunnyAndrew WrapMolly Wrap

Molly WrapMini BunnyScarf for Mini BunnyLeighton Hat & Wrap SetLeighton WrapLeila TiebackLeila TiebackNella TiebackWyatt WrapLeila TiebackLeila TiebackWyatt WrapWyatt WrapMini BunnyMolly Wrap

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