Decision time: 3 incredible colour schemes 

What’s your favorite colour?

The important thing is to find out what colour schemes work for you.
(Click on the images).

Be inspired with these 3 colour schemes.

1. Shades of white

Enjoy the freedom of creating your own newborn photography style using white to create a refreshing and clean look in your photographs and an association with innocence and purity.

Explore Steve Collection here: newborn wrap and newborn bonnet.


Explore Martin Romper here.


Explore Sandy Collection here.

2. Shades of grey

A palette of greys pulled together will make an instantly elegant photograph. Use the right amount of props in perfectly matching shades for contemporary and sophisticated artwork.

Explore Harriet/Aidan Collection here.


Explore Kelsey Posing Pillow here.


Explore Bunny Lovie here.


3. Shades of brown

Get creative and add some fun! Soft shades like sand, caramel, tan or flax can add warmth to an image and create wonderful dreamy artwork.

Explore Ulises/Taja Collection here.


Explore Novel Collection here.


Explore Miraji/Rachel Collection here.