The most versatile Collection

Meet the most elegant C h r i s t m a s collection of matching props. Our passion to create props that are extremely versatile pushed us to create this collection where props by removing, changing or adding accessories just in seconds give you endless imagination for your all year round newborn and baby sessions. You’ll save the time looking

Ava Collection

Whether you're taking images of a dreamy girl or simply relaxing boy, our stylish prop collections work for every occasion – just add the perfect accessories.

Gideon Vessels

Get inspired with our unique hand made Gideon vessel and fill your capture with your own imagination.

Gideon Grey Collection

We hand picked these pieces to make your photographs even more special. Purchase coordinating items in the most convenient way - click Collections.

Miraji Collection

Are you looking for inspiration to create your best photograph? Our new Miraji Collection includes limited edition matching items. You can mix them to create a unique capture and be sure they matches together. And Collections section on our website leads to your quick and smooth shopping experience.

Berlin Collection

Props to inspire you to dream then photograph | Discover our Berlin Collection. To create delightful setup for your newborn photograph you need to select props that have the same tonal range but different textures. We have compiled a collection of our beautiful props in shades of brown for your amazing captures. Purchase coordinating items in the most convenient way.  


Create stunning and impactful photographs your clients will rave about quickly and efficiently! This unique ‘Create-a-Nest’™ is designed to be easy to use for every stage newborn photographer to work faster and effortlessly. ‘Create-a-Nest’™ contains posing cushion and cover which makes as few wrinkles as possible and can be changed easily so you can use more than one cover during your


A must-have newborn photography posing aid

The crucial aspect in the successful newborn photography session, just like in any photography session, is prep work. To ensuring you photograph those treasurable memories magnificently equals feeling comfortable with your session scenario as well as with your clients. You will find several worldly-wise concepts to guide with newborn baby photography in general as well as the wonderful inspiration within

Add Variety to Your Newborn Photo Gallery Using a Newborn Romper

Do you ever feel like there is a lack of variety in your newborn photographs? Do you not dare to price your work enough because of the feeling your newborn photo gallery is tedious, bland and monotonous? Especially beginner photographers often feel worried if they will be able to take enough photographs to bulk up the clients' gallery. They feel insecure that

Newborn posing flow: the same 1 pose – 7 different images!⠀

Get inspired and learn how to make the most of just one newborn pose. You will know how to create the same baby posing flow to make stunning newborn photo gallery that just blows your clients away and helps you build a profitable newborn photography business. Are you offering posed/studio newborn photography sessions? Then you must have been heard a

Props-heros! Check out TOP 10 props, best of the best!

Our clients love these props,  you will too! Firstly, meet our No. 1 - Harriet ‘Create-a-Nest’™ . This astonishing piece of art has been used in hundreds of remarkable photo sessions, it will inspire you for a masterpiece! No. 2 is also taken by our unique ‘Create-a-Nest’™ , this time it's so delicate and so versatile Joel ‘Create-a-Nest’™. Our personal favorite is grey one, but you may

Keeping a newborn warm with Zara / Mini Bunny Collection

This cute and textured Zara / Mini Bunny set is the snuggliest way to keep a newborn warm.  Just be prepared for a fan club—this one’s too cozy not to keep! New and super-cute tiebacks are here! Alma Tieback is vintage inspired and crafted to go with your loved wraps—for every sweet session. Rebecca Tieback is inspired by the idea that accessories should be, well, itsy-bitsy,

Looking for a wrap? Cozy cover? Tiny hammock? Bryan Wrap will do all of that!

Love at first sight! Bryan wrap is designed to create so. many. different! poses and it always looks great. Remember, every newborn is unique, so your props must be as versatile as possible. You can even use Bryan wrap as a teeny tiny hammock! Of course, safety comes first, so make sure to do this pose carefully. Heirloom-worthy Harriet/ Callum collection! These props made of incredibly soft

Your #1 go-to

While reading our eBook or browsing the website, did you ever wondered what is that little round pillow the newborn is posed on? Why it was created? How to use it? Is it right for me? As a creator of this unique posing aid I’ve gotten used to hearing that - and I think it is SUCH valid questions!   This amazing posing aid is

A circle in newborn photography: symbol of protection, inclusion and wholeness

This Mandy Vessel is inspired by a geometric figure – a circle. Its edges reminiscent of many circles embody an outline of his symbolism. Circle also symbolizes womb, focus, unity, cycles, infinity, nurturing, everything, perfection. And these are the best words to describe the miracle of the beginning of a new life. Exclusive handmade Mandy Vessel – charming unique work of art created by me and can

Thaddeus decorative mini posing pillow is like the best when adding finished touch to your photograph!

Hey, but let's be practical. This Thaddeus Posing Pillow is not just  stunning,  but also easy to care for – can be washed in washing machine and stuffing will not deform. A must have prop to any newborn photographer’s props collection! Taja Wrap is remarkable! Supersoft and perfectly stretchy—your search for the perfect timeless wrap is over. In classic jersey design and

Why choose Kendall Romper and not those fascinating wraps we have?

Kendall Romper is amazingly easy to dress and looks good on every newborn. All year round.  Favorite, perfect, best ever — our use-every-session Kendall Romper in cream to get all kinds of compliments from your clients. Spend less time putting on outfits and more time capturing moments your clients will love! Ideal for lack of wrapping technique. "Princesslike" elegant Maya Tieback in white will definitely look
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