• Aidan Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Handmade knitted wrap with laces on edges.

    • Andrew Wrap


      Stretch soft wrap with gorgeous knit texture.

    • Breanna Wrap

       25.00 37.00

      Knitted wrap perfect for baby girls in carnation.

      Perfectly matches our Breanna Bonnet.

    • Bryan Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Love at first sight. This wrap is designed to create so. many. different! poses and it always looks great. Remember, every newborn is unique.

    • Dominic Wrap

      • Piece of soft fabric in grey.
      • The fabric is reversible – with a little bit of difference in texture.
      • Wrap has some stretch.
      • Wrap is cut to size and edges are left unfinished for organic and seamless wrapping.
    • Ezra Wrap


      A piece of soft knit fabric in pink. Now comes in extra large size.

    • Floyd Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Luxurious lace knitted wrap perfect for baby boys or girls.

      Perfectly matches Floyd Bonnet.

    • Greta Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Luxurious textured knitted wrap perfect for baby boys or girls.

      In the first image coordinated with our Miraji ‘Create-a-Nest’™ in grey.

    • Hayden Wrap

       51.00 68.00

      Knitted wrap from softest merino yarn in taupe.

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