• Aidan Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Handmade knitted wrap with laces on edges.

    • Breanna Wrap

       25.00 37.00

      Knitted wrap perfect for baby girls in carnation.

      Perfectly matches our Breanna Bonnet.

    • Bryan Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Love at first sight. This wrap is designed to create so. many. different! poses and it always looks great. Remember, every newborn is unique.

    • Floyd Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Luxurious lace knitted wrap perfect for baby boys or girls.

      Perfectly matches Floyd Bonnet.

    • Greta Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Luxurious textured knitted wrap perfect for baby boys or girls.

      In the first image coordinated with our Miraji ‘Create-a-Nest’™ in grey.

    • Hayden Wrap

       51.00 68.00

      Knitted wrap from softest merino yarn in taupe.

    • Leighton Wrap (Dark chocolate)


      Textured hand knitted wrap in dark chocolate.

    • Margaret Wrap

       57.00 87.00

      Luxurious knitted mohair wrap with delicate ruffled lace edges that stretches as you wrap. Perfect for baby girls.

      Perfectly coordinates Margaret Bonnet. In the first image coordinated with our Harriet ‘Create-a-Nest’™ in white.

    • Matthew Wrap

       59.00 89.00

      Luxurious lace knit mohair wrap with just enough stretch. Pair this with anything.

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