Shreya/Kendall Collection

Our new Collection colour just makes us so happy. We’ve loved neutrals since before this brand ever existed. They are elegant and timeless. We love how pure the collection is. The different textures highlight its advantages. This one is sure to be your favourite.

In this collection our unique Shreya ‘Create-a-Nest’™ coordinates Kendall RomperShreya Bonnet and Coby Tieback in shades of cream for your amazing captures.

Purchase coordinating items in the most convenient way.

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 11.00 137.00

Shreya ‘Create-a-Nest’™ (Posing cushion and cover)


Out of stock

Shreya ‘Create-a-Nest’™ (Cover only)


Out of stock

Kendall Romper


In stock

Shreya Bonnet


Out of stock

Coby Tieback


In stock

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