The most versatile Collection

Meet the most elegant C h r i s t m a s collection of matching props.

Our passion to create props that are extremely versatile pushed us to create this collection where props by removing, changing or adding accessories just in seconds give you endless imagination for your all year round newborn and baby sessions.
You’ll save the time looking for props to match and money, because you don’t have to own props that are suitable exclusively for Christmas and leave them up in a napkin until next year.
This is your beloved investment collection! Explore here.

Because of the same passion our unique ‘Create-a-Nest’, which has become a staple prop for newborn photographers, became a Pouf! From now it can be used during baby sessions, too! If you’ve purchased our ‘Create-a-Nest’ posing ring you need to buy an insert only to make it a pouf! Fits all covers! Explore here.